Design your dream outdoor living space with Trex decking

Looking to improve your garden? Installing a decking area is a great way to transform any outdoor living space. Using solid composite decking is a stylish, durable and very low maintenance alternative to traditional patio areas and can really help to bring your garden to life, as well as adding value to your property.

In the winter months it is a great time to start thinking of ideas for your dream garden space, ready to enjoy from Spring onwards. The first thing to consider is what you’re looking for from your garden space. Would you like somewhere for alfresco dining? How about an area to entertain guests or relax in? Or maybe, you’re just looking to make an unusable space, functional again? A composite decking area is the perfect way to create your dream garden.

When choosing composite decking for your garden it’s always key to work out where you’d like the location of it to be. The most popular choice amongst homeowners has to be directly next to your kitchen or living room. It helps to extend your home into the garden and makes it much easier to step outside and onto your decking area. It’s always a good idea to consider how private your decking space will be too, so you’re not overlooking your neighbours!

Trex decking  supplied from DeckDirect is ideal for designing any outdoor living space. It can be bespoke to your home, with a whole range of design features available so you can get your dream outdoor living space. The low maintenance and high-performance qualities of Trex decking makes it ideal for many uses. Both the Transcend and Contour ranges by Trex feature a solid shell, which is highly durable and weather resistant, so you can be sure your composite decking won’t fade, warp or splinter, making it safe for the whole family to use and enjoy.

Take a look at the top design features to consider when using Trex decking, to help you create the perfect solid composite decking area.

Trex decking styles

Trex decking can be designed bespoke to your outdoor space. This includes the shape and style of your solid composite deck.


The most popular style of Trex decking is the rectangular decking design. It’s a classic choice for many as it maximises the room available for you to use. Its standard shape makes for a really versatile space.


This style is perfect if you’re looking for an ultra-modern solution for alfresco dining. It has a distinguishing bump-out and works perfectly for smaller spaces.

Bevelled Edge

An alternative to the classic rectangular style, bevelled edge decking features angled corners which help to maximise the space and views. Perfect, for a larger area.

Trex Transcend and Contour solid composite decking colour options

Every garden deserves composite decking that is designed to complement the area. With Trex decking, there’s an array of deck board finishes and colour choices to choose from:

The Trex Transcend range

The Transcend solid composite decking is the signature Trex range, and has a natural wood grain finish for an ultra-modern, natural look. Transcend range has 2 sizes of matching fascia boards to complete a designer look. It’s available in 6 unique colours:

Tiki Torch

An earth-toned natural shade created from a rich, reddish-brown hardwood.

Vintage Lantern

If you’re looking for a vintage-esque style, then Vintage Lantern is for you, it features deep-bronzed tones for an elegant touch.

Island Mist

Bring island living to your garden with the tropical shades of Island Mist. Silver shades add the look of aged tropical hardwood.

Gravel Path

The modern stone-grey colour of Gravel Path, features a deep wood grain pattern for the ultimate natural finish.

Spiced Rum

Bring a touch of Caribbean style to your decking with Spiced Rum. It features the spicy and molasses tones you’d find in Caribbean Rum.

Lava Rock

Choose the reddish-black tones of Lava Rock for a stylish space to relax in during the summer months.

The Trex Contour range

The Contour range of Trex decking features a scalloped under surface – enhancing the durability of the deck further. It’s available in two natural colours:

Pebble Grey

Within the wood grain features, pebble grey includes warm shades of grey.

Torino Brown

A traditional deep rich honey brown colour with classic wood tones featured throughout.

Finishing touches for your Trex decking

Chosen your dream style and colour scheme? It’s important to consider the finishing touches of your solid composite decking design too. Matching railings help to complement your decking space and built-in lighting help to add comfort and character to the finished deck.

We supply Trex decking, along with composite balustrades and garden buildings from our base in Stockport across Cheshire, Lancashire and Derbyshire. If you’d like to find out more, call us on 0161 302 9979. Or if you’d like to see our ranges in person, drop by our showroom today.

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