Built To Last

Composite wood is manufactured to withstand the harshest of weather conditions. Its hardwearing qualities make it highly resistant to mould and it won’t splinter, split or rot, for a longer lasting fresh look. It’s UV stability means that it won’t crack or disintegrate due to exposure from the sun.

Hassle-Free Living

The construction of composite decking means it not only maintains its high performance for years, it is also virtually maintenance free. Composite decking doesn’t need staining, sealing or re-painting and it only requires an occasional clean when needed. A bucket of warm soapy water or a composite deck cleaner will do the job.

The sleek design of composite decking requires no nails or screws, creating a smooth surface with an ultra-modern look. It makes it quicker and easier to install, as no pre-drilling or special tools are needed.

safety first

Composite decking can be the perfect choice for any outdoor area, whether it’s for residential or commercial use. It’s slip resistant even when wet and is splinter-free, giving added peace of mind. Composite decking is ideal for small children and pets, as nails and screws aren’t always used or they remain hidden, making the decking barefoot friendly.

Environmentally Friendly

Composite products are made from recycled materials; all the composite decking we use is made from a recycled plastic and wood compound. Not only does it perform well in outdoor spaces, it is also less harsh on the environment too.

value for money

The initial cost of composite decking is generally higher than timber, however because its low maintenance and long-lasting, it makes for a fantastic long-term investment for any garden.