The low maintenance, high performance composite decking range from Trex

The Trex composite decking ranges provide ultra low maintenance and weather resistant alternatives to traditional timber decking. Trex has developed and perfected its composite decking for over 20 years. Both the Transcend and Contour ranges feature a renowned high performance shell, combining ultimate durability with superior weather protection.

Unlike timber options, the solid Trex composite decking requires very little maintenance, as it doesn’t need painting, oiling or staining. This allows you to enjoy your new decking with the knowledge it only requires a quick clean every now and then.

Trex Transcend

Transcend is the signature Trex range, it features an innovative high performance solid shell with a natural wood grain finish. It also provides superior protection against everyday wear, fading and scratches – perfect for high traffic areas.

Available in 6 colours


A warm, natural earth toned shade, featuring a rich, reddish-brown hardwood.


Inspired by nature, Gravel Path is a contemporary stoney grey colour with a deep wood grain pattern.


Perfect for summer evenings, Lava Rock features reddish black hardwood.


Replicate island living with the tropical shades of Island Mist. The natural silver shade gives the look and feel of aged tropical hardwood.


Add a touch of the Caribbean to your outdoor space with the rich and earthy tones of Caribbean Rum.


The deep-bronzed tones of Vintage Lantern take inspiration from elegant vintage settings.